Electric Commodity

Western Energy Marketers can turn electric expense into business opportunity by using a customnzed approach to electricity procurement and management. We offer a variety of energy products for businesses of any size and provide assistance in choosing the right energy product to fit a company’s risk and price preference.  Electricity supply plans are offered in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas and Washington D.C.  We also provide energy management services nationwide.


Fixed Rate Plans are the perfect solution for businesses of any size that do not want energy rates to vary with market conditions.  This plan “locks in” the electric supply charge over a set time period and eliminates customer exposure to market volatility. Highlights

  • Fixed Price Product – no pricing variations
  • Budget certainty
  • Can “lock in” price over a long term
  • Interval metering not required

Variable rate (index) plans are ideal for medium or large businesses who expect market rates to fall over the short-term for businesses who can adjust their electricity usage according to market conditions.  Variable rate plans provide customers with maximum price flexibility.  Highlights

  • Price Transparency
  • Ability to react to market price signals quickly
  • Shorter contract lengths
  • Most suited to customer tolerate of changing market rates over the contract term
Combination plans are ideal for businesses with a low-to-medium tolerance for risk that have one consistent level of electrical usage, but total usage can still fluctuate.  This plan combines the best of fixed and variable rate plans by providing budget certainty through a fixed rate for the consistent “base load” of electricity for the specified time periods combined with a variable rate for the fluctuating energy usage.  Highlights

  • Little Risk
  • Control over price of excess use of electricity
  • Flexible Contract lengths and energy base use
  • Suited for a wide variety of customer sizes and risk tolerance

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