Demand Response

Demand response programs shift electric consumption patterns to take advantage of lower energy rated based on the time of day or to receive incentive payments designed to lower electricity use when electric system reliability is at risk.

Load Shifting & Economic Demand Response (EDR)

EDR programs use monitoring and control devices to better manage what your business takes from he grid during expensive high demand and high energy use periods.  with EDR, businesses can save money by using less energy or shifting electric load during high demand and high cost periods.

Fact Check - 
Coordinating demand response strategy with energy efficiency multiplies the reduction in electricity usage and lowers costs.

Emergency Capacity Management

Mandatory demand response programs offer financial incentives for customers willing to reduce their electricity use when called upon during periods of extremely high demand.  These event driven programs come with a contractual obligation to shed load.

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Receive quarterly payments if you company can reduce electricity usage by your utility to ensure system reliability.

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