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Electric commodity is one of the important features of electric deregulation in this country.  It is purchased by many large companies in the United States.  If you have contacts, friends or relatives that are in a decision making position to purchase electricity, immediate commission can be made and paid on a monthly basis for the term of an agreement, typically 1-3 years.

Regardless of the size of the business, an opportunity is available.  The bigger the business, the larger to commission.  Commission is also available for co-generation, be is specified for each individual project and determined by project size and scope.

The opportunity is limited to the staes who have incorporated deregulated electricity without limited cpacity restraints.  They are as follows:
California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington D.C.

A common example is a 200 room hotel, which in an average year could use approx. 5,000,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) per year.  A typical commission would be $833 per month for the term of the agreement, many of which are renewed at the end of the term.

The only thing we would require is a copy of the most recent electric bill, which would create a no obligation form to be filled out and forwarded to the respective utility company which creates one year of electric history.  My clients, among the largest energy suppliers in the country, would from that data provide a firm proposal to your contact’s company for either a one, two or three year agreement.  The agreements are generally 10-15% below the electric commodity cost charged by their current utility provider.

The proposal provided to the customer will be bid competitive and consistent with current prices in the energy market

If you are interested in understanding electric commodity, it is the portion of your electric bill that is separate from transmission, distribution, fees and taxes and is the main ingredient to electric deregulation.

It is a completely transparent form of changing suppliers, similar to your changing phone or cable companies.  There is no equipment to buy, no installation, no up front cost.  Simply a seamless transaction between the energy supplier and the utility company.

If you are interested, please provide your contact information below and we will issue a customer registration form and independent contractors agreement in order to get your program started.  After this initial step, all that is required is submitting a customer registration form and utility bill, which we acknowledge and either approve or disapprove to make certain it is not in conflict with other independent contractors in the same program.

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