About Us

Western Energy Marketers LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company formed in 1997 to provide  sensible energy alternatives to business and commercial customers.

Since 1997, we have contracted, financed and managed over 80 cogeneration projects in the United States.  Many of these projects are still successfully operating and have provided significant electric and thermal savings to our customers. Additionally, we have successfully negotiated and provided our customers over $100,000,000 in electric and natural gas commodity contracts that have resulted in millions of dollars in savings for our clients.

Our energy partners, Flex Energy, Direct Energy Services, Blue Star Energy Services and Allied Energy, among others provide electric commodity, natural gas commodity, cogeneration project management along with project financing  in the deregulated areas of the United States and Canada.

Our goal is to maximize our customers savings at no capital cost and no risk with a seamless approach to our customers.

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